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emergency-rim message

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Subject: EM-RIM SC Meeting Reminder

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to remind you all that we have an EM-RIM meeting scheduled for 
today, and I suggest that the agenda focus on all open issues related to 
Supporting Specifications used in EDXL-SitRep 1.0, HAVE 2.0 and DE 2.0. 
If there are issues that the SitRep crew need to decide, we should let 
this meeting be used for that purpose too.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling ill, and after one NCOIC meeting I'm going to 
take a nap before and possibly during the Events and Demos SC meeting, 
but I will at least show up for the EM RIM meeting and do whatever is 
needed to get the SitRep spec done for the TC meeting next Tuesday.

Hopefully the nap will givwe me some bounceback.


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