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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Meeting Today

Hi Everyone,

This ais a reminder that we have meting scheduled today. I uploaded the 
ValueListOntology-03 last week and the Notes I kept while I input that 
whole codelist, and I would like to go over that and discuss the results 
of this on my original intent to propose a way to work with TSO. We also 
have Jeff's small-footprint exercise in using v02 of the ontology to use 
inferencing for distribution automation. I have looked at it but haven't 
yet played with it but I do have some questions about how we can expand it.

Additionally, we should check bases on how the Support Elements Model is 

And, of course, there's the future work to think about, both next steps 
and what may be advisable wrt to refining our process as we go along.


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