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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-08-25-11-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee.doc (DRAFT-08-25-11-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee.doc) uploaded

Please review these notes of the August 25th, 2011 meeting of the Reference
Information Model subcommittee for approval at our next meeting, subject to
any specified changes. Thanks.

 -- Jeff Waters

The document named DRAFT-08-25-11-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee.doc
(DRAFT-08-25-11-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee.doc) has been submitted by Jeff
Waters to the EM Reference Information Model SC document repository.

Document Description:
At the August 25th, 2011 meeting of the Reference Information Model
subcommittee, the members discussed the following topics:

1. TOPIC: What is the status and purpose of the TSO ontology?  (Answer: Rex
has prepared the TSO ontology to enable mapping of equivalent codes between
EDXL and TSO. This work helps to ensure that emergency codes can be mapped
effectively between the standards for improved interoperability.  A
potential recommendation for the Emergency Management Technical Committee
is to forward the ontology and Rex's notes to the TSO developers with the
request that any changes to the TSO message structure still allow the EDXL
messages to be used inside the TSO with the DE wrapper. )

2.   TOPIC : Should an ontology representing the entire EDXL message
elements and codes be the primary work product of the RIM?  (Answer: Yes.
The RIM was envisioned to create a reference model for the EDXL components,
to summarize and represent EDXL as a whole, to assist with documenting,
managing and reusing those elements as well as for identifying gaps and
next steps for future EDXLl work.  An ontology, based on the Web Ontology
Language 2.0 (OWL), provides an expressive representation which is
machine-understandable, mathematically-sound, and can support use in
applications with inferencing. Jeff will prepare an initial EDXL ontology
for review at our next meeting. We can use this in conjunction with an
ongoing use case for educational purposes. )

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