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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-06-28-2012.doc uploaded

Submitter's message
Please review these minutes from the June 28, 2012 meeting of the Reference Information Model (RIM) Subcommittee for approval at our upcoming meeting, subject to any specified changes. Thanks.
-- Jeff Waters
Document Name: DRAFT-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-06-28-2012.doc

At the June 28, 2012 meeting of the Reference Information Model (RIM)
Subcommittee, the members discussed the following topics:

1. Do we have a specific definition of ?profile?? (Answer: In past, we
looked to ISO definition and the OGC definition, which is compliant with
ISO, but we need to do homework to find the specific definition we?d like
to use.)

2. Should OASIS EM TC be in the business of doing profiles? (Answer:
Guidance on how to do profiles is the particular focus. For example,
various countries may want to do profiles of Common Alert Protocol, so some
guidance would be helpful but OASIS EM TC is not taking on the
responsibility to do all of those profiles.)

3. Should OASIS EM TC support the definition of ?layers?, e.g. a set of
parameter names for earthquake data? (Answer: This makes sense and is more
a definition of a business layer by defining some common values for the CAP
parameter field, as opposed to a technical ?profile? from an XMLSchema
perspective. These ?layers? of parameter names could then be registered so
people could find them. The same concept might apply to defining lists of
values in other EDXL standards which utilize the ValueList structure from
our Common Types. Rex and Elysa will put together the summary of the
history of our discussion of profiles/layers and present at the next EM TC
meeting. )

4. What level of effort should we put into support for ASN.1 at this point?
(Answer: We should consider as we move forward if there is anything we?re
doing, that we could easily fix, might conflict with ASN.1; however, we can
consider this on a case-by-case basis.)

5. Do we need a profile subcommittee? (Answer: We?ll consider setting up a
profile subcommittee as needed, on a case-by-case basis. A motion was
passed to recommend to the EM TC that it ?not? setup a profile

6. Should OASIS register and validate profiles? (Answer: We should find the
right organization to register profiles, perhaps the WMO. Validation of
profiles would aid interoperability but we?ll need to continue discussion
of where and how best to handle this.)
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Submitter: Jeff Waters
Group: EM Reference Information Model SC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2012-07-12 07:17:03

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