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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-02-07-13-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee.doc uploaded

Submitter's message
Please review these minutes from our Feb 7, 2013 meeting of the Reference Information Model Subcommittee for approval at our next meeting, subject to any specified changes. Thanks!
-- Jeff Waters
Document Name: DRAFT-02-07-13-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee.doc

At the Feb 7, 2013 meeting of the Reference Information Model Subcommittee,
the members discussed the following topics:

1. TOPIC: What are the implications of adopting and using the ?Layers?
concept as an extension mechanism in EDXL standards? (Answer: Jeff
described several implications, including providing a balance between
interoperability and flexibility, the ability to provide some control
through guidance and some important structure in a layer such as the use of
URIs for names, the opportunity for layers to allow local communities to
explore their important local information sharing needs and terminology and
serve as a glide-path to more formal standard development, the significance
of including layers in the DE since it is a wrapper for other EDXL
standards. Discussion on this topic will occur at our next Infrastructure
Framework meeting.)

2. TOPIC: Should we use the term ?Layer? since the term is used in other
contexts? (Answer: The participants agreed that another name should be
considered. ?ExtensionLayer?, ?Extension?, and other names were offered but
more thought is needed on this topic.)

3. TOPIC: How should we resolve the use (or misuse) of ?Unknown? as a
value for elements like urgency and certainty? (Answer: There was general
consensus that the use of ?unknown? needs to be reevaluated. Sometimes it
is being used to mean ?insignificant? and sometimes other meanings. More
discussion on this topic will occur at our next meeting.)
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Submitter: Jeff Waters
Group: EM Reference Information Model SC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2013-02-12 07:42:48

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