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Subject: Taxonomy/Lookup concept for Community Extension

Folks - As discussed in today's RIM SC meeting, here is the basic taxonomy concept that we have bounced around in the HAVE SC. The idea here is that a layer (or extension) could use this structure to provide the structured taxonomy that is needed to manage community extensions. This schema is particularly aimed at the URI/Value lookups but it could start the discussion for a RIM extension schema, especially when combined with Jeff's layer work that he did previously.

The intent of this structure is to provide a basic XML file that can serve to provide the key enumerations for new and/or adjusted data lookups. We're thinking of things like:
  • List of doctor staffing types (cardiologist, cardiologist.non-invasive, cardiologist.invasive, etc.)
  • Services (e.g. trauma.level1, trauma.level2, trauma.level1.pediatric, trauma.level1.adult) 
It also provides for translation as well.

The XML files would be maintained by some kind of formal body (e.g. in Canada perhaps by a provincial government body) and would allow versioning of the enumerations outside of the core standard.




Darrell O'Donnell, P.Eng.
OASIS Member (volunteer) - www.oasis-open.org 
OASIS EM TC - Member


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