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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-07-10-2014 uploaded

Submitter's message
Please review these minutes of the July 10th, 2014 meeting of the EMTC Reference Information Model Subcommittee for approval at our next meeting, subject to any specified changes. Thanks.
-- Jeff Waters
Document Name: DRAFT-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-07-10-2014

At the July 10, 2014 meeting of the EMTC Reference Information Model
Subcommittee, the members discussed the following topics:

1. TOPIC: What is the status of the NIEM Adapters? Brian is developing and
gathering the current NIEM adapters. We should have a complete set within
next few days.

2. TOPIC: What is the status of the EDXL Overview white paper? Jeff
discussed the goals of the paper, including having relevance to a wide
audience and showing applicability of the standards to the common person.
Jeff will prepare a more detailed outline for next time.

3. TOPIC: What are the remaining technical questions regarding the SitRep
schemas? (a) When we have multiple geographic areas for
ExtentOfContamination, should we specify how these relate (e.g. Union,
Intersection) as we do in DE 2? Yes. (b) In several places, an element is
specified with a set of subelements but all are specified as optional,
shouldn?t one be required? Brian will consult with a subject matter expert,
e.g. Don McGarry, and find out which, if any of the elements, really is
required. (c) There is an element that allows any xml to be inserted, but
should that only be allowed at the end of the specification or perhaps
relegated to the DE? Better to use DE for extra xml, since inserting
arbitrary xml into the middle of an EDXL standard is problematic; (d)
Should we use EDXLString more regularly? Yes.

4. TOPIC: What is the status of the new version of Common Types? Werner is
preparing this and will report out after he finishes CIQ.

5. TOPIC: Should we consider proposing an Emergency Services Playbook? Rex
is considering proposing to the Collateral and Documents subcommittee a
project to write an Emergency Services Playbook that could be a game rule
book or reference volume.
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Submitter: Jeff Waters
Group: EM Reference Information Model SC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2014-07-16 03:15:53

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