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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Re: Today's TEP meeting / Next Week Aug. 8 4:00 EST

A few participants trickled in, but since this was an off-cycle meeting we felt there was not adequate attendees to dig into the next step in our process.

We will reconvene in 1 week to get back on our regular schedule, Thursday August 8 at 4:00 PM EST (Friday morning for Gavin:-)).  Thanks to Gavin Treadgold for joining today - and he will now have time to join on a more regular basis.  

We have 17 members of the TEP subcommittee at this time, and I am pursuing a POC from HL7 as well per our OASIS/HL7 agreement.  I ask and encourage each of you to re-check your calendars and try to prioritize your time to join in moving forward.  Our next step is to walk through the practitioner Requirements and draft Messaging Specification beginning next week, followed by a familiarity with the open issues list.  From that point we will hold a session to discuss and determine our process, tools and roles for development of the standard, and start digging into the work.

Thanks everyone, and have a good weekend.

Tim Grapes
SE Solutions, Inc.
(703) 304-4829

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Reminder that we agreed to do a meeting today out of cycle due to the prior cancellation 

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