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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-tep] Please join today 4:00 EST - GoToMeeting - TEPsubcommittee meeting

Sorry I missed today's meeting, Tim,

Got a reminder call from my cadiologist for an appt I forgot I had Monday, which also requires me to get blood work done tomorrow. I've been monitoring email and haven't seen anything to move SitRep forward yet. If I get the materials tomorrow, I should still be able to get the Working Draft out by tomorrow end of day Pacific Time, or before. I will get my blood drawn in the a.m. and continue to monitor email.


On 9/8/11 10:56 AM, Grapes, Timothy wrote:
A9CA6046EDC8DE4EA5BC1ABC9CA3DECF04D7A7B6@mse0be1.mailstreet2003.net" type="cite">


Please join the OASIS EDXL-TEP subcommittee today via conf. call and GoToMeeting, Thursday September 8 at 4:00 PM EST.  Today puts us back on our regular schedule.  I am hoping this meeting link will help make our next steps easy to facilitate and follow:

1-800-320-4330 Conference Bridge PIN #: 331928

1.    Please join my meeting.

Weekly EDXL-Tracking of Emergency Patents (TEP) OASIS meeting.


Meeting ID: 190-833-040


Online Meetings Made Easy™



Today and over the next couple of sessions we will walk through the practitioner Requirements and draft Messaging Specification – as well as a look at the practitioner open issues list.  From that point forward the rubber meets the road - we will hold a session to discuss and determine our process, tools and roles for development of the standard, and start digging into the work.



Tim Grapes

SE Solutions, Inc.

(703) 304-4829


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