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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Talked with John Quinn, CTO HL7


FYI I finally spoke with John Quinn today regarding our OASIS/HL7 agreement, though he was in a cab on his way to a flight.  Given the venue I focused on TEP for the moment.  As a first step of our TEP collaboration he would like his HL7/Accenture team to meet to gain a better understanding of the TEP scope and use cases, obviously to better understand from his HL7 point of view what the scope the boundaries are and ensure no overlap with HL7 standards or initiatives.  In our brief conversation he feels it should be a natural demarcation of emergency resources tracking patients up to the point of “hand-off” to definitive care, where HL7 standards take precedent.


John also believes there is likely no overlap with HHS-ONC activities, plus I briefed him on our recent meeting with HHS and intent to circle back with ONC.  FYI, Denis Gusty with support from John Donohue of Maryland and myself will be presenting Thursday to the Senior Leaders Council on Patient Movement at HHS, so I hope this is all circling back together.


I will contact him again over the next two weeks to set something up. 



Tim Grapes

SE Solutions, Inc.

(703) 304-4829


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