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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Please attend November 3 at 4PM EST



Our next OASIS TEP SP meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, November 3 at 4:00 PM EST).  Please make every effort to attend this session, even if you have not yet had the time, as we will be discussing and making decisions on our approach and process for development of the TEP standard.

1-800-320-4330 Conference Bridge PIN #: 331928

Below is a suggested Agenda and outline of talking points:


*      Determine TEP SC process, artifacts, tools and roles for moving forward

o   Process Options discussion:

§  Walk REQUIREMENTS and drive out / confirm data.  Then further vet with UC’s

§  Walk USE CASES and drive out / confirm data.  Then map back to requirements.

§  Walk DATA / data dictionary first applying initial understanding to develop / confirm initial DOM.  Then walk through Use Cases and map to requirements.

§  * Perform initial review of core issues list prior to subsequent process steps

o   TOOLS – Identify initial / basic tools for capture of draft artifacts.  Identify “final” tools to be used to develop final product(s)

§  Data model / DOM

§  Data dictionary

§  Data “optionality’

§  Revised, added or deleted Requirements

§  Business Rules


§  XML examples


§  Chair / facilitator

§  Scribe:  Good, organized notes in context, organized in a way that nothing will get lost, and all will be identified, analyzed, resolution determined and documented, and resolution solution tracked and implemented / incorporated.

§  “Tool Jockey”J

§  OASIS process advisor and facilitator

§  HL7 liaison (Tim)

§  Others…

o   Stakeholder / SME access & involvement

§  Formal communication and use of TEP practitioner Steering Committee & SWG

o   HL7 collaboration process

§  Primary POC identified (CTO John Quinn)

§  “Kickoff” meeting OASIS – HL7 – Education and process

§  1- focus on business requirements

§  2- As stabilization occurs, shift focus to mapping and re-use

·         HL7 / NEMSIS element and structure re-use

·         HL7 RIM?

·         Other?




Tim Grapes

SE Solutions, Inc.

(703) 304-4829


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