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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Materials for 4PM EST TEP meeting


Here is a webinar link we can use today, and attached are the core materials for reference – depending upon what Don was able to reengineer.


I am heading to a meeting and should be back on time, but Don will run this if I am a couple minutes late.


1.  Please join my meeting.



2.  Join the conference call:

1-800-320-4330 Conference Bridge PIN #247135


Meeting ID: 557-654-825



Online Meetings Made Easy™




Tim Grapes

SE Solutions, Inc.

(703) 304-4829


Attachment: TEPdictionaryv2 1.xls
Description: TEPdictionaryv2 1.xls

Attachment: TEP-Stakeholder-IssuesRev2.5_Feb2011.xls
Description: TEP-Stakeholder-IssuesRev2.5_Feb2011.xls

Attachment: TEP-ERM2.4SpecReviewMasterv2.0.vsd
Description: TEP-ERM2.4SpecReviewMasterv2.0.vsd

Attachment: EM-TEP Draft Meeting Notes 12-01-2011.doc
Description: EM-TEP Draft Meeting Notes 12-01-2011.doc

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