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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Missing Persons Community of Interest 3rd Annual Conference / Meeting October 16

Hi all--

The Sahana Software Foundation, along with Google, Facebook, ICRC, the American Red Cross, the US National Library of Medicine, Refugees United, the Red Helmets Foundation, Crisis Commons and others have been involved in a Missing Persons Community of Interest (MPCI) to help coordinate efforts to track missing and found persons following disasters and events.  I think most members of this group are aware of these efforts as I have heard that you have had discussions with Google (Ka-Ping Yee) and folks at NLM (Glenn Pearson, who is also a Sahana contributor as well) about PFIF and TEP.

The MPCI is going to be holding our third annual face-to-face meeting at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC on October 15 & 16.

While our agenda on October 15 is focused on internal discussions and progress reports, we would like to open up the meeting to include other groups on Tuesday, October 16 - in particular, we'd love to have a presentation on the history of EDXL and plans for EDXL-TEP (and -TEC) and a discussion on data standards that morning.  Would someone(s) from this group be able to attend and participate?

Our tentative schedule for Tuesday follows:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
8:45: Breakfast / Ignite talks by MPCI members (other invited organizations from DC)
10am: History of PFIF
10:15am: History of EDXL
10:30am: Technical standards work (possibly taking recommendations from last meeting and converting them into a real xml standard)
1pm - 5pm: Lunch/Continued discussions

Let me or Tim Schwartz - copied here - the Chair of the Missing Persons Community of Interest - know if you would be interesting in attending and we'll get you further details.

Best regards,


Mark Prutsalis
President & CEO
Sahana Software Foundation
tel +1-860-499-0332

* * * * *

The Mission of the Sahana Software Foundation is to help alleviate human suffering by giving emergency managers, disaster response professionals and communities access to the information that they need to better prepare for and respond to disaster through the development and promotion of free and open source software and open standards.

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