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emergency-tep message

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Subject: RE: [emergency-tep] Sorry I was Late

He Rex,
We had a short meeting, no quorum.  Werner was not available either.  Patti,
Brian, Tony and myself attended.  We discussed the endorse vs adoption
options of TEP with HL7 and agreed that endorsement was preferred.  Brian
and Lizzie will also be participating in the HL7 PHER calls.  There will be
one today from 4-5:30ET.  I reported that John Roberts of PHER had contacted
me to see if we would have someone that could participate in a panel
discussion on SDO topics at the meeting in Phoenix.  I told him we should be
able to do that.  Brian says he and Lissie as well as a MITRE HL7 person may
be attending the meeting in Phoenix as well.  
That's about it, Elysa

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Subject: [emergency-tep] Sorry I was Late

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I was late, but I just called in, and no one's home. I had an NCOIC
presentation immediately following the RIM SC meeting, and that was prepping
for an NCOIC Plenary/Board meeting next week, Tuesday the 4th. That meeting
ran over so I called in 25 minutes late. Darn.

I will be missing next week's TC Meeting if the schedule for meetings at the
Tech Council doesn't change.

Elysa, If I am unavailable, Jeff and/or Werner can update the TC on today's
RIM Mtg. It was a good meeting and we passed a motion to stabilize
Capitalization in EDXL Standards, and discussed some of Jacob's ideas about
profiles/layers using Schematron in addition to other parsers. That
discussion was tabled until we can have Jacob present to weigh in.


Rex Brooks
1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-898-0670

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