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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Updated Project Scope Statement

Here is the project scope statement as it is as close to complete as it can be before our meeting tomorrow.  Please review and let me know right away if you have any issues with statements made here.  You will see this is marked to be a joint copyright standard.  I now must draft a letter to be signed by both SDOs stating that both agree and will provide it free of charge.  If it is possible to get this signed before noon Tues, we will be able to get the PSS approved at the meeting that evening where they conduct that business.


Next step – John Roberts and I will present the PSS at the 2Q meeting Mon.  We will go through it in detail and vote in the PHER to proceed.  Then I’ll go over the use cases. 

Attachment: PSS ADT v251 mapping with OASIS TEP v1 1-14-2013.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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