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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Special TEP meetings: Public comment and TEP-HL7 documents


Shortly you will see a couple of meeting requests on the OASIS calendar.  The purpose of this note is to provide a brief summary of upcoming objectives and milestones with proposed dates to address each.  We need a quorum for each and want as much participation as possible, so please advise if one of these dates may need to be moved.

1.	Thursday Sept 5 TEP S:  Review EDXL-TEP Public comments received, determine disposition, and determine steps to move to a Committee Draft.  
a.	I will obtain comments received and either provide a fresh posting or send via this email distribution list for your review.
2.	Thursday Sept 12 special session:  Review current status and results of the ongoing effort to create the TEP-HL7 Transformation Specification.  The product is targeted to be finalized during the Boston HL7 conference during the week of September 22, 2013.
3.	Thursday Sept 19 – Hold this regularly scheduled time to continue the above if required.

Please advise if you plan to attend the Boston HL7 conference so that we can plan and coordinate.  We have identified 3 members to date.

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