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emergency-tep message

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Subject: HL7/TEP Transform status update

All of the HL7 ballot comment dispositions have been addressed in the HL7/TEP Transform. In addition, the HL7 sort values have been updated to match the order of data elements in the HL7 ADT and RAS messages (a much bigger job than I anticipated).


The documents are considered “complete” with the following two exceptions: 1) The new LOINC codes need to be updated once the new version is released later this year, and 2) The TEP v1.1 link needs to be updated once OASIS provides a permanent link to the approved specification.


I have uploaded the latest draft of the transform documents and the final ballot comment resolutions to Kavi for OASIS members. I am also attaching them here for the PHER co-chairs.




Patti Iles Aymond, PhD
Senior Scientist, Research & Development

8710 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 526-8844 (voice and fax)


Attachment: _V271_IG_TRANSWOASISTEP_R1_I2_2015SEP_Working.xlsx
Description: _V271_IG_TRANSWOASISTEP_R1_I2_2015SEP_Working.xlsx

Attachment: TEPv1.1-HL7v2.7.1-Transforms-v1.0_10-19-2015.zip
Description: TEPv1.1-HL7v2.7.1-Transforms-v1.0_10-19-2015.zip

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