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emergency-tep message

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Subject: Invitations for the BoF



One topic we have on our agenda for the TEP SC meeting tomorrow is to whom and how to send invitations for the BoF session.  I have identified some to be considered.  Perhaps we can ask Jane or Dee to actually send these but we will need to provide complete email addresses.


I have started a list below that we can vet or add to via the list so we can work through this expeditiously at the meeting:


Kevin McGinnis        National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO), Program Manager

Jeff Sexton                 Tennessee Department of Health in the Information Technology Services Division

John Donohue            Deputy Director with the Department of Emergency Services in Cecil County, MD

Tom McGinnis          Division Chief, EMS Systems Division with California EMS Authority

Mark Golaszewski      Director, FirstNet

Geoff Engerman         Senior Principal Consultant, Corner Alliance, Inc.

Kenzi Capice              Senior Advisor, FirstNet

John Garofolo             PSCR

Gerald Jaskulski         Division Chief, DHS/OEC

Robert “Dusty” Rhoads          Branch Chief, DHS/OEC

Marie Risser               DHS/OEC Support Team

Denis Gusty                DHS/S&T

John Merrill                DHS/S&T

D’arcy Morgan           DHS/S&T

Kamran Atri                NIEM EM Domain (other NIEM folks?)

EIC mailing list via Tom Fahy

NASEMSO mailing list via Kevin McGinnis

Stan Kuzia                  GER911

David Vernon              GER911

Kyle Richardson         FirstNet and DHS OEC Publicist

Any MD EMA folks and companies that were involved in the patient movement exercistsexercises?

OASIS Event Page

OASIS members, EMTC, others?

Check IAEM list for Doctors without borders, other companies that have products in the space and/or located in MD/VA/DC

IAEM staff?




Since NIST is based in MD, maybe someone from the PSCR will come.


See you on the call tomorrow.


Elysa Jones, Chair OASIS

Emergency Management Technical Committee

Emergency Member Section Steering Committee


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