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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] EM TC Welcome and First Meeting Information

Hello All!

First, let us welcome each of you to the Emergency Management Technical
Committee (EM TC). We are feverishly preparing for our first meeting
(details below) to ensure a successful kickoff. 

February 11th: 10:00 PST/1:00 EST for one hour.
Telcon number: 1-800-453-7412
Access code: 604776

[Meeting Process]
Before we touch on the agenda, we wanted to point each of you to the TC
guidelines provided by OASIS. Please read through this
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.shtml) and familiarize
yourself before the first meeting. This will help expedite our
understandings of what to expect out of the effort, out of the officers
of the TC, and what is expected of you. This may be a new process for
many of you, so if you have any questions at all, please feel free to
contact the EM TC Chair (awyke@blue292.com) or Vice Chair
(rcarlton@eteam.com) at any time.

As for the meetings, it is very important you are prompt and on time.
Roll will be taken within the first couple of minutes, so that we can
use our time effectively. Minutes will be routed to the email list
shortly after the meeting, and will include any action items, who has
volunteered/been assigned, and any other notes. Before the following
meeting an agenda will be sent out to outline the next round of

It is through this iterative process we will not only bring to the table
all the expertise, information, and objectives of our efforts, but we
will also ensure we continue to move forward. A standard will take time,
and by understanding and respecting the proven process OASIS provides,
we will be able to operate efficiently and cohesively as a team with a
common mission. In today's world, talking-the-talk gets us no where - we
must walk-the-walk.

A good portion of the first meeting
will be introductions and reviewing the process. We will go over some
administrative and committee infrastructure issues, and call for the
submittal of any completed, or currently evolving work applicable to our
efforts. We also plan to start the process of researching other current
work and how we can work with, not against, these efforts. Our hope is
that within a month we will have all the necessary information and
understand in place to create the first round of subcommittees. It is
these subcommittees that will focus on specific topic areas and work to
create standards addressing them.

[EM TC vs. EM-XML]
One additional note we wanted to make is around the name of the TC. The
committee name is the "Emergency Management Technical Committee", or EM
TC for short. As many of you know, the origin of the EM TC saw its birth
within a strategic industry consortium (called EM-XML), which propagates
strategic and doctrinal thought focused on the emerging Emergency
Management marketspace. The EM TC, on the other hand, is the OASIS
technical committee chartered with receiving feedback and other
information from EM-XML and other external parties with the purpose of
defining XML-based data schemas for standardization. At the same time
the EM TC will be working closely with and providing information back to
these groups, who are essential to the success of our efforts.

We look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you on the 11th!

Chair: R. Allen Wyke (awyke@blue292.com)
Vice Chair: Rick Carlton (rcarlton@eteam.com)

R. Allen Wyke
VP, Technology and Services

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