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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] Initial Membership: From 2/11/02 Roll

The following is a record of who attended the initial meeting and which
of you are immediate voting members of the TC. Remember, to be a voting
member you had to be an OASIS member in good standing, notify myself by
1/27/03, and attend the first meeting. For those of you who were unable
to meet these requirements, you will be an observer until we have had 3
meetings, at which time you will become a full voting member.

If we missed anyone, please let me know and I will make sure to update
the membership list.

Allen Wyke
Gary Ham
Rick Carlton
Karl Kotalik
Jay Clark
Joyce Kern
Dave Robinson
Mark Benemerito
Barry Schaeffer
Eliot Christian
Bona Nasution
Art Botterell
Linda Hunter (observer  - voting member on 3/4/03)
John Aerts (observer - voting member on 3/4/03)

R. Allen Wyke
VP, Technology and Services

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