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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] More Relevant Specifications and Standards for the EM TC

Here are additional efforts, with short descriptions, we need to be
aware of and review. Couple this with John's
and Karl's posts
and we should have a good head start on reviewing what is currently
being worked on.

XML Structure Task Force: effort involving law enforcement. Global and
OJP/BJA/NIJ are funding the effort. IACP, NSA, Noble, PERF, other
criminal justice organizations, as well as agencies who may touch
criminal justice such as AAMVA and Transportation. I am looking into how
this fits in and will report back to the group.

Automatic Crash Notification (ACN): Under the guidance of ComCARE. "ACN
systems use wireless telecommunication technologies to immediately alert
a private emergency call center when a passenger presses the car's
Mayday button or the car's air bag deploys. In an emergency, the
dispatcher at the call center quickly informs the appropriate emergency
dispatcher of the vehicle's location so care can be sent." You can read
more information here:

Common Alert Protocol (CAP): This is something one of our members, Art
Botterell, is heading up and something, with support of this group, we
may use to help start a subcommittee under our EM TC
In a nutshell, it is a "standard data interchange format that can be
used to collect all types of hazard warnings and reports locally,
regionally and nationally, for input into a wide range of
information-management and warning dissemination systems." You can read
more about it at: http://www.incident.com/cap.

Incident Management Working Group (IMWG): Under the IEEE. "Research,
compile, analyze, and consolidate information leading to the publication
of a standards message set for Incident management; this scope initially
will be limited to address message sets from Emergency Management Center
(EMC) to the Traffic Management Center (TMC) and Emergency Telephone
System (ETS)." You can read more information here:
http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/scc32/imwg. Certainly some applicability
with our need to define, or use, a standard format for exchanging
messages (replacement for today's carbon paper sheets among other

Incident Object Description and Exchange Format (IODEF): Under the IETF.
"Computer security incidents occur across administrative domains often
spanning different organizations and national borders. Therefore, the
free exchange of incident information and statistics among involved
parties and the responsible Computer Security Incident Response Teams
(CSIRTs) is crucial for both reactionary analysis of current intruder
activity and proactive identification of trends that can lead to
incident prevention." Get in the mindset of how we might apply our
efforts to the cyber world. Looking at our charter, this is part of the
"Monitoring and data acquisition systems" item our core scope
references. You can read more here:

Intrusion Detection Exchange Format (IDMEF): Under the IETF with the
purpose to "define data formats and exchange procedures for sharing
information of interest to intrusion detection and response systems, and
to management systems which may need to interact with them." Looking at
our charter, this too is part of the "Monitoring and data acquisition
systems" item our core scope references. You can read more here:

OpenSec Advisory and Notification Markup Language (ANML): "The Open
Security organization is a grassroots coalition with the aim of creating
standards to simplify the process of system management. OpenSec is a
community-wide effort and all are welcome to participate.
We are in the process of creating XML-based standards that will pave the
way for self-managing systems. Our first focus is on the Advisory and
Notification Markup Language-an XML-based standard to describe
advisories, such as security advisories, and notifications, such as
feature enhancements." You can read more information here:
http://www.opensec.org. Note that there seems to be some overlap with
this and CAP - perhaps Art can run with this one. 

Open GIS Consortium (OGC): This is an " international industry
consortium of more than 230 companies, government agencies and
universities participating in a consensus process to develop publicly
available geoprocessing specifications. Open interfaces and protocols
defined by OpenGIS Specifications support interoperable solutions that
"geo-enable" the Web, wireless and location-based services, and
mainstream IT, and empower technology developers to make complex spatial
information and services accessible and useful with all kinds of
applications." You can obtain more information on the OGC at
http://www.opengis.org. They also have the Critical Infrastructure
Protection Initiative (CIPI), which is "an OGC Interoperability
Initiative designed to test the application of interoperable technology
to meet Critical Infrastructure Detection, Prevention, Planning,
Response, and Recovery challenges."

Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA): a standards body,
like OASIS, that is focused on "best practice, business guidelines and
multi-lingual information management standards for making enterprise
globalization a reality." This is something Rick brought up. You can
read more here: http://www.lisa.org. We will need to further review to
see which standards might be applicable, and how it plays with the OASIS
XML Localization Interchange File Format TC

The following are the initial OASIS TCs that we need to look at in order
to better understand what they are covering and how we can work together
(if there is a fit). OASIS has a process for liaisoning between groups,
so I will take the lead on these.

* Common Biometric Format 
* Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM)
* e-Government 
* LegalXML
* Localization Interchange File Format

R. Allen Wyke
VP, Technology and Services

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