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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] Agenda for 2/18 Call

I apologize to all for my tardiness in getting the agenda for today's
call out. In my defense I was a victim of the winter storm that hit the
US East Coast this past weekend (and a transmission falling out of a
rental car while on the phone with Rick discussion EM TC work). It's
been an interesting few days.

That aside, there has been a lot of good information flowing into the
list this past week. At this point we need to divide this up,
researching it, and have some more in-depth discussions on how these
play with our efforts. This should translate into a lot of open
discussion over the next week. We also need to start planning for a
face-to-face meeting to really get the ball rolling. Based on these two
tasks, here is the agenda for today's call.

1. Address any final questions about OASIS, the EM TC, or the process.

2. Review of Standards: please see
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200302/msg00012.html, and
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200302/msg00013.html. We
will need to divide these up and spend the next week exchanging
information about what these efforts are focused on. We also need to
identify any liaisons, with other standards, that any of us might be
aware of.

3. Face-to-Face Meeting: need to discuss possible dates and locations to
try and have one within the next 6 weeks if possible. If any of you are
aware of any conferences that we can piggy back this on, please let the
group know.


R. Allen Wyke
VP, Technology and Services

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