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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 3/18 Call

Many of you may have noticed that OASIS has launched their new
collaboration/content tool, so please bear with us all during this
transition. This may mean some of you are unable to post to the list
until we have some of the details worked out, but rest assured we are
moving as fast as we can. Just in case you are not able to get to the
call information (list link was broke as I sent this), it is as follows:

Time: 1:00pm EST
Dialin: 800.453.7412
Code: 604776

On to the agenda, which will be pretty focused, so please do your

1. Finalize the Requirements document.
2. Identify top 1 - 3 areas we want to create subcommittees, and vote on


R. Allen Wyke 
VP, Technology and Services 

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