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emergency message

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Subject: [emergency] EM TC Face-to-Face Meeting

At this week's meeting we agreed to a tentative date for the first EM TC
face-to-face meeting.  As this is an important event, we'd like to have as
many of the TC members in attendance as possible (there will be a phone set
up for those that need to teleconference) and will reschedule to have a
majority of the membership in attendance.

Date:                April 3, 2003
Location:         Federal Support Systems (Host)
                Burke, VA (right outside Washington DC, simple access from
Reagan Airport
                The 2003 Secure E-Biz Summit (http://www.secure-biz.net),
April 1 - 2 (in same area)

Could every member, please let me know if:
      You can attend the meeting in person
      If you cannot, are there other dates that work better for within the
      next month

      Please respond before next Tuesday's meeting.  Thank you.

      Cathy M. Subatch
      E Team Inc.
      818.932.0660 x248
      310.770.6885 (cell)

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