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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] EM TC 3/11/03 Meeting Minutes

Additional comments below...

* Rick - Need to look at Homeland Security Presidential Directive #5
(HFPD5).  Discusses process goals and schedule guidelines for alert
management.  Group should be aware of this work and we should build a
standard that is compatible to that.  Document can be found at
* Art - Specifically check out item #15 in the directive - refers to a
National Incident Management System.  The use of ICS will be mandatory.
The framework with which standards are used must be consistent.
Committee members need to become familiar with this directive. 

I will be meeting, along with the EM-XML Executive Committee Chair (Matt
Walton of E Team) and others (FEMA, Oracle, ESRI, etc), with the CIO of
DHS, Steve Cooper, next week. We are going to talk to him specifically
about HSPD-5 and how our work can help them achieve their goals. This
could be a HUGE win for the EM TC and our efforts! Will keep you posted
as I know more.

* Rick - The W3C RFD should be included (www.w3.org.RDR) 

This is actually RDF and can be found at www.w3.org/RDF 

* GIS?  - there are already standards.  How applicable is it?  Should we
provide a layer on top of standard? 
* Art - nothing that is for GIS data per se as a methodology for
managing and interpreting the data.  Everything will touch the GIS
space.  Is this OCG's space? 
* Bill - How does OCG fit in? 
* Gary - the point reference in any geospatial space system is latitude
and longitude 
* Art - only provide a point of reference information 
* Allen - Is infrastructure in place or up to implementer?  Should there
be a subgroup?  Needs to be hashed out to see if it fits 
* Art - may be a horizontal function - geospatial advisory and liaison
to OCG.  Ask for review of spatial elements from other subcommittees or
do we need a subcommittee? 
* Bill - GIS data folks trying to integrate.  Prevalent in all local
communities in terms of interoperability.  What is it that an EM Group
believes need to interoperate with common reference model?  Points and
shapes?  COTS and client functions use maps.  Maybe a definition is
* Rick - supports this notion 
* Rex - Probably rises to the level of needed a subcommittee.  Better to
have them coordinated 
* Bill - think of interfaces rather than shapes and models.   
* All agreed.  Put a group aside to look at GIS and continue a GIS
discussion at our face-to-face meeting 

Nailing this down is big for the TC. Would like to see one of the GIS
experts step up and start an active dialog in this area, so consider
this the prodding :)

Also, references to OCG should actually be OGC (www.opengis.org)

Allen will incorporate all changes made during today's discussion into
the draft standards document.  At next committee meeting we can
formalize who will lead sub-committees 

Prod, prod, prod for the rest of you. Need some discussion about the
last draft I sent around. Any comments? We need to try and hash this out
for the next meeting.


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