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Subject: GIF SC Interest

Hi Folks,

I happen to subscribe to a fairly wide variety of lists, so I may 
have missed a posting about a rough GIS SC charter or mission 
statement, but regardless, I wanted to be on record requesting to 
participate in that SC. Because I am already a vice chair of one TC 
and a SC chair of another, I can't promise to take on much in the way 
of a role, but I would be happy to work on a couple of aspects of Web 
Services, which spans Infrastructure as well. I doubt I will actually 
be able to participate in both, although I would prefer it if it were 

Since many government agencies, such as USGS already operate in a de 
facto web services portal manner, I may be able to coordinate some of 
that in terms of the Web Services for Remote Portlets Specification 
that is slated to come up for Committee Specification approval in 
April, or early May.

Also, although I can't devote the time and effort needed to be the 
security liaison, I have already explored the Joint Security 
Committee for coordinating my own work with it, and I suggest that we 
consider establishing a liaison with that group for the purpose of 
gathering information about all the security TC spec efforts and for 
giving our input about our specific needs in this area. When we spoke 
about the need to "drive" some aspects of those efforts, it occurred 
to me that this is perhaps a good way to do that and also to be aware 
of the progress of those specs. For instance we already have SAML, 
and XACML, and I believe WSS is about to bring out its first spec, 
and we will need to be interoperable with those, as will the e-gov 
folks with which I suspect we also need to have a formal liaison. 
E-gov, however, is still at about the same stage of development as 
EM, so it may be premature to invest much energy in that effort yet, 
though I suspect Eliot and others will keep us informed about that.

Rex Brooks
Starbourne Communications Design
1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA 94702 *510-849-2309
http://www.starbourne.com * rexb@starbourne.com

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