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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 3/25 Call (late)

Attempting (again) to send the old agenda from earlier this week - just 
doing so as a formality to make sure it is in the archives.
Some of you, like myself, may be experiencing difficulties with posting 
to the email list. I am working right now to try and sort out all of 
those issues and hope to have finished no later than this evening. In 
the meantime, it is worth nothing the following 
members/observers/prospective members do not currently seem to be in 
the new Kavi system, because I am unable to search for you and add you 
to the TC. Please be sure your member organization has you as part of 
your company's roster, so that I can add you. If you are an individual, 
please make sure you log into the member section of OASIS and have 
everything setup.

[Not Added]
Eliot Christian
Linda Hunter
Marwa Mabrouk
Stephen J. Jepsen
Steve Vinsik
Bill Schroeder
Dave Danko
Jerry Weltman
Michael Thompson
Steve DeWeese
Jim Plunkett

[Dialin Info]
Time: 1:00pm EST
Dialin: 800.453.7412
Code: 604776

1. Any final comments on Requirements document? I will post to member 
pages (not in email) this final version after meeting.

2. Formalize formation of subcommittees around our work in GIS, 
notifications methods and messages, and infrastructure. You can see 
more on this process here: 

3. Finalize agenda for face-to-face, which will be sent in email to 
group after today's meeting.

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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