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Subject: Adapted Infrastructure Subcommittee Charter - First draft for discussion


While it is agreed that development of EM functional standards are critical to the production of interoperable applications, the doctrinal emergence of NIMS (National Incident Management System) additionally implies compliance with certain common, as well as dissimilar, network and services infrastructures governing global delivery and deployment. Since elemental work in infrastructure development (OASIS, W3C, IBM, Oracle etc.) has been progressing for some time it is illogical for the EM-TC to evolve its own standards from a clean sheet. As an adjunct to the committee's work, however, and in order to insure standardized, end-to-end interoperability the committee will analyze and adapt various elements of current and emerging work as a component of its standardized EM topology. This, then, is the purpose of the proposed sub-committee.
To be defined during the 4.3.03 meeting.


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