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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EM Notifications SC Charter (revised)

This looks great! I think the first paragraph especially is well
written. I did have some minor editorial comments, that do not amount to
much, but I have included inline...


What are the dates for these deliverables?

>  Development of a core set of messages to support the National 
> Incident Management System mandated in Homeland Security Presidential 
> Directive #5 

You should provide a link to HSPD-5

> and based on established Incident Command System (ICS) 
> formats.

Is there a link here that can be provided as well? Something that will
give those reading the charter something to reference in case they need
additional clarification?

> In the course of developing these deliverables, the Subcommittee will 
> draw on the expertise of the GIS and Infrastructure Subcommittees.

Add "EM" in front of these subcommittees, as in EM GIS. 

Eliot/Bill: have you guys finalized a name for the GIS SC? While I
mention "EM GIS" here, I am not sure it really captures what it is you
are doing.

Also, the "Infrastructure" SC name, which you will see when the minutes
of the f-2-f are sent, is now "EM Infrastructure Framework".
> In addition, the Subcommittee will make recommendations to the full 
> Technical Committee 

Add EM before "Technical Committee" here as well.

That's it. Looking forward to seeing this effort really get underway as
a new OASIS TC this week!


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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