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emergency message

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Subject: EM TC 04-03-03 Meeting Minutes

EM TC Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes
April 3rd, 2003
Arlington, VA

Allen Wyke - Chair
Rick Carlton - E Team (Co-Chair)
Cathy M Subatch - E Team (Secretary)
David Hall - Federal Support Systems
Gary Ham - DMI - Services
Eliot Christian - USGS
Steve Siegel - Ramsafe Technologies
Mike Walker - Blue 292
Steve Jepsen - Oracle
Art Botterell - Partnership for Public Warning
Jerry Weltman - Innovative Energy Management
Bill Riipii - MTG Management Consultants
Bona Nasution - MTG Management Consultants
Joyce Kern - SunGard
Mark Benemerito - SunGard
John Silva - SCS
Dave Danko - ESRI
Bill Schroeder - ESRI

On phone:
Jay Clark - Ship Analytics
Rex Brooks - Starbourne Communications Design
Kathleen Cover - SAP (Observer)
There were some other attendees from Blue 292 but I was unable to capture their names

Meeting Notes

First, a great big thank you for David Hall who hosted the meeting. Thanks for the hospitality. The location was perfect, close to the airport and the metro and the facilities worked out well.

Roll and Welcome
We did a roll and then Allen introduced the agenda and had a brief discussion on some past issues. Allen then introduced Matt Walton, who is the chairperson for the EM-XML Steering Committee. Matt was in town and stopped by to give the TC a status on the Steering Committee.There was then a dicussion about testing for what the EM TC develops.The next item on the agenda was the reports from the subcommitte

Infrastructure SubcommitteeAlerting/Notification SC
Art: went over the draft charter (www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency/email/archives/200304/msg00002.html ) - the name of the group is now Notification, Methods and Messaging. It is responsible for procedures and formats for the exchanging new and updated information related to Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Allen: question if the way it was described in a too broad of a way. Art clarifies that new and updated focuses that on the delta (change in) data. Agreed.

Eliot: should we have natural and man-made as a generic way? Art makes a note to try and clarify. He also mentioned that there is a need now for this format, and can we offer it now. Allen goes over OASIS process (Working Draft, Community Specification, OASIS Standard) that needs to be followed. We do not want to compromise the quality of what we do, just to do stuff fast.

David asked if the subcommitte gets to to data level and Allen responded that this is tangible.  He also noted that we need to be disciplined on who we are and what problem we are solving.

Gary mentioned that Mark Forman and his past experiences and how we need to be careful to not create another "tower of XML" such as TaxXML.

Eliot - how does this subcommittee relate to the TC?  Allen responded that it works within the scope of the TC.  Release of working draft, the people can start using (create a feedback loop).

Conclusion: SC needs to create advisory note to groups that are already working on this to tell them what we are doing and advise them to wait. At the same time, work on moving CAP spec into official OASIS Working Draft and point people to using that with the full understanding it is in a Working Draft state.

Art gave brief description of the CAP group for those unfamiliar with it.  It is an adhoc working group open to all.  We can use the working group as part of our public review process.  The CAP working group was started about 1 1/2 years ago as an adhoc effort to define emergency management for the internet.  It focuses on definition of common alerting protocol.  Has recruited organizations to do field trials but is all very informal.  The EM TC can use CAP as a point of departure.


Bill/Eliot: looking for input from the group. Did not have a charter to present.  Anyone who has use cases for geospatial data should share

ISO 11179 Presentation (Experience with Data Elements: ISO 11179
John Silva: general lesson's learned presentation on 11179 within the National Cancer Institute project needed to create CDE (Common Data Elements). Could be very costly to do, yet if there is funding available this would be good. First step was to agree upon a common data element exchange.  The purpose of ISO 11179 was to provide a starting point for data elements:

Gary - do we want to run a registry?  Costs and benefits can be defined.Dan thought registry would be a better follow on after we complete initial scope of work.

John said we need to find a way to get funded.  May need to exploit data elements.  Eliot - maybe we can take a stand on registries/repositories (e-gov).  Right now OASIS is depending upon ebXML.  Gary can the government sponsor the registry.  US government running many trials including Justice, FAA, Census and EPA. Eliot - e-Gov won't endorse.  John said that CommerceNet defines business processes.  They may be interested in assisting.

Allen: based on experience, any thoughts on how to best utilize ISO 11179? Response is that if we plan on using a lot of other standards (aka referencing and leveraging them), then there might be a good use for it. However, this might be more of an OASIS thing to manage.

Art: Can you make any recommendations on some of the things we should consider as we work on our standards? Response: naming conventions. And use as guidance.

Presentation will be posted to EM TC OASIS site.

Due to time constraints Allen decided to skip the liaison and outreach sectionof the agenda. He will work with each subcommitte chair to identify the groups they need to liaison with. Each subcommittee will provide their own relevant notes to be published. After the breakouts, each subcommittee chair gave a brief summary of their individual meetings. For those members not in attendance at the meeting, please select a breakout group that you would like to belong to and email the chairperson.

Members include:
Rick Carlton - chair (rcarlton@eteam.com)
Steve Siegel - RAMSafe
Gary Ham - DHS
Mark Benemerito - SunGard
Allen Wyke

The group agreed to rename the subcommitte to EM Infrastructure Framework The scope of work: Currently, there exists a problem in choosing the appropriate set of individual standards to achieve a particular emergency function or capability. For instance, what components are currently available and are they valid in the context of an interoperable emergency management system?

The EM Infrastructure Framework subcommittee is a horizontal effort that will cross multiple standards and is therefore an EM Metadata Standard. This subcommittee will research, analyze, recommend, and organize a series of infrastructure components in order to bind various standards providing connectivity between systems. Rick will review eGov before finalizing deliverables.

Notifications, Methods and Messaging
Members include:
Art Boterell - Chair (acb@incident.com)
Joyce Kern - SunGard
Bosa Naustion - MTG
John Silva - SCS

Art reported that the committee didn't change scope. Deliverables will include:

Members include:

Eliot Christian - Co-chair (echristian@usgs.gov)

Bill Schroeder - Co-chair (bschroeder@esri.com)

Dan Danko - ESRI

Mike Walker - Blue292

Eliot reported that the GIS subcommittee has three goals:

ESRI is going to submit some symbology work.

Additional Notes
A rather large use case would be NIMS. SARS is another potential use case. Could involve a UDDI (or other) type of registry. Should consider multiple "views", such as an ICS view of these components. Deliverables will follow after Rick can review eGov.

Discussion on when/how subcommittees to meet.  Was suggestion to replace weekly TC meeting with subcommittee meetings.  Gary suggested that we have a half hour TC meeting followed by an hour subcommittee meeting.  To be further discussed and finalized at next teleconference call on Tuesday, April 8.

Allen Special thanx to David Hall for hosting the face-to-face, and to Cathy Subatch who helped ensure we had the proper sugar and caffeine to keep us awake and energized for 7 hours.

Action Items

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 8th at 1:00pm EST/10am PST

Dial in: 1.800.453.7412      Access Code: 604776

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

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