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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] EM TC 04-03-03 Meeting Minutes - Revised

This version of has slight modifications.

EM TC Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes
April 3rd, 2003
Arlington, VA


Allen Wyke - Chair
Rick Carlton - E Team (Co-Chair)
Cathy M Subatch - E Team (Secretary)
David Hall - Federal Support Systems
Gary Ham - DMI - Services
Eliot Christian - USGS
Steve Siegel - Ramsafe Technologies
Mike Walker - Blue 292
Steve Jepsen - Oracle
Art Botterell - Partnership for Public Warning
Jerry Weltman - Innovative Emergency Management
Bill Riipii - MTG Management Consultants
Bona Nasution - MTG Management Consultants
Joyce Kern - SunGard
Mark Benemerito - SunGard
John Silva - SCS
Dave Danko - ESRI
Bill Schroeder - ESRI

On phone:

Jay Clark - Ship Analytics
Rex Brooks - Starbourne Communications Design
Kathleen Cover - SAP (Observer)
There were some other attendees from Blue 292 but I was unable to capture their names

Meeting Notes

First, a great big thank you for David Hall who hosted the meeting. Thanks for the hospitality. The location was perfect, close to the airport and the metro and the facilities worked out well.

Roll and Welcome

We did a roll and then Allen introduced the agenda and had a brief discussion on some past issues.

        He talked about the importance of what we are doing and the exposure we are getting. There is going to be a need to address our outreach responsibilities. We need to know how to leverage without disruption.
        The Requirements Document is posted on OASIS and will stay as a working draft until voted upon.
        Decided that there would be three working sub-committees, Emergency GIS, Infrastructure and Notification and Alert

Allen then introduced Matt Walton, who is the chairperson for the EM-XML Steering Committee. Matt was in town and stopped by to give the TC a status on the Steering Committee.
        Matt talked a bit about the EC and how that process works. This committee is an outreach group. It conveys to other organizations/institutions what we are doing and encourages them to get involved.
o        It is based on an open, democratic process
o        There are no fees or dues
o        Helps frame policy issues around the technical work and helps to educate/proliferate based on that.
o        Goal is to address the core issues of interoperability
        Talked about meeting with Steve Cooper (CIO) at DHS, so that he was aware of the work that was underway by the EM XML Consortium. . Specifically, how it applied to HSPD-5 (executive order to create NIMS - can be found at http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/02/20030228-9.html ). Talked about the potential funding that may be left for 2003, but 2004 is much more flexible. Also in that meeting was Mark Zimmerman and Gary Ham (DHS) and Allen Wyke. Have also had some discussions with Tony Fraeder (head of e-Gov) and Norm Lorenz (CTO, Federal Government).  We may be able to use them for testing.

There was then a dicussion about testing for what the EM TC develops.
        Rex mentioned that NIST supports testing and we could look into using them.
        Allen: comment on funding and how that works within OASIS and Rex noted that OASIS can help find money. NIST might be a good way to put money in that doesn't feel like the government is controlling the standards.
        Eliot said that NIST can be extremely costly.
        Allen took the action item to look into NIST and see if it is a viable solution for us

The next item on the agenda was the reports from the subcommitte

Infrastructure Subcommittee

        Rick: forgot a copy of his charter, so let's all make fun of Rick :) That aside, he wants to work on create a standard that defines the deployable EM applications...the overall infrastructure. (www.lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200303/msg00034.html ). Possible to use RDF to describe this. (All subcommittee charters are available on the EM TC list on OASIS). The name change was due to the fact that Garyhad concerns about openness of our standard. Need to address some sort of infrastructure to adapt. Rick notes that this wasn't considered when the original charter was done by Rick and Allen.
        Eliot: mentions that egov TC Infrastruture committee and talks through a document/definition he had for infrastructure - set of utilities used across all functions. Is independent of technical services. Rick noted that this was similar to what he wanted to do but still needed to be flushed out. Still have the issue on how to bind the public and private sector. Also that this was an opportunity for us to build the first iteration of NIMS (from Presidential Directive #5)
        Allen: question if what he envisioned an RDF of functions, objects, etc. that define an IEM application. Rick: create a bag that moves and changes.
        Rex - keep aware of standards that work globally
        Bona - asked a question we always need to keep in mind during work - who are we targeting as an audience. Allen response to vendors and others that need to leverage a common way to interoperate. That emergency and incident management has a very broad scope.
        Art - we must resist the temptation to standardize what we do not understand, which was a very good point. Points to OASIS process that it must be shown to work (aka reference implementations) before it is dubbed a standard.
        Rick summarized by saying the point of the group is "adapted infrastructure," that they will do research on what is out there, see commonalities and recommend components for the overall standard

Alerting/Notification SC

Art: went over the draft charter (
www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency/email/archives/200304/msg00002.html ) - the name of the group is now Notification, Methods and Messaging. It is responsible for procedures and formats for the exchanging new and updated information related to Public Safety and Homeland Security.

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