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emergency message

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Subject: Advisory Note Concerning a Mechanism for Threat Advisory Messages

As time is of the essence here, I offer the attached draft
letter as my suggestion of how we could handle this situation
simply and quickly. I do know that Deborah Diaz is the
appropriate person at DHS to get this letter and I am
confident that she will act on it.


At 06:28 AM 4/10/2003 -0700, Rex Brooks wrote:
>Hi Eliot, Everyone,
>I think that the wisest way to approach this touchy situation is to 
>address it to a human decision-maker, i.e. "Dear Colleague:..." and write 
>it in plain English, with the attachment also framed as an explanation 
>with code to illustrate what is said.  The hypothetical human 
>decision-maker actually exists somewhere along the line, so making the 
>effort to show some human consideration is likely to create a friendlier 
>and more receptive response.
>I worry that anyone who is sent a message that is primarily code will 
>probably not take the time to identify and understand the problem. I 
>wouldn't if I didn't have plenty of time to spare for this.
>As it is, I still don't have a good idea of why what DHS has done is in 
>error and I don't have the time to uncover the problem on my own. The 
>attachment makes good sense, but without knowledge of why it is needed, I 
>can't form an opinion about the importance of the change it suggests.
>So, I think it would be politic and diplomatic to briefly explain why a 
>change would be to everyone's benefit and offer the remedy.

Deborah Diaz.doc

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