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emergency message

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Subject: EM TC 4/15/03 Meeting Minutes

Emergency Management Technical Committee Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2002
Rick Carlton - E Team (co-chair)
Cathy M Subatch - E Team (secretary)
Joyce Kern - SunGard
Mark Benemerito - SunGard
Gary Ham - DHS
Rex Brooks - Starbourne Consulting
Steve Siegel - RAMSafe
David Hall - Federal Support Systems
Donald Thomas - Blue 292
Mike Walker - Blue 292
Art Botterell - Partnership for Public Warning
Naseem Elkarra - Open Security Organization
Meeting Minutes:
Allen Wyke (Chairperson) was unable to attend the meeting, so the Co-Chair, Rick Carlton, led the meeting.  Main topic of today's meeting was to discuss the status of the three subcommittees.
Bill Schroeder (co-chair) was present but other key members, Dan Danko and Eliot Christian were not in attendance.  First item of discussion was Advisory Letter (see below for details on this discussion).  GIS Charter is not yet complete.  Team would like one more week to work on charter and group can vote to ratify next week.
Advisory Letter
Though not a subcommitte, there was much discussion about the Advisory Letter drafted by the TC (Eliot and Rex) to the DHS regarding a mechanism for threat advisory messages.  The letter has been "discussed" via email during the week.   An explanation about the letter and its urgency was requested.  Gary replied that the DHS has already posted a structure and there may be people already working with that structure.  So the sooner it can be replaced with a better structure (as submitted in the Advisory Letter, copy of draft is attached), those that are using it will have results based on a valid standard.
Gary volunteered to take the letter to those who are physically implementing mechanism, but agreed that it was important that it get through to the right government channel, which Eliot ha volunteered to do.  It was agreed to have one more week for any comments to the letter and for Eliot to review.  Action item to get status from Eliot for next meeting.
Next steps include:
1.  Find out who is going to deliver and to who (Eliot/Gary)
2.  Find out when the letter will be delivered
3.  What is the best way to deliver it?
4.  What is the timing continuum - don't predate an announcement from OASIS before the appropriate people get the letter.
5.  What is the results we should expect?
Infrastructure Framework:
Rick asked if all had a chance to read the charter.  All had read and there were no more comments.  We took a vote and all on the call agreed to ratify the charter.  The Infrastructure Framework Subcommittee Charter has been ratified by the TC.
The charter can be found at http://www.oasis-open/apps/org/workgroup/emergency/email/archives/200304/doc00005.doc
Additional members to this subcommittee include Steve Siegel, Gary Ham and John Aerts.
Steve asked if/how charters can be updated periodicially.  Rick responded that Allen knows the parilimentary process.  But he recommended that the language in the charter should be left flexible enough so that down the road, as the rest of the SCs evolve, those requirements can be folded into the Infrastructure Framework charter.
Gary asked about the XML Registry and shouldn't this subcommittee be working on that.  David responded that he is reviewing and will share what his information with the TC.  Gary noted that it was clearly geared toward law enforcement.  David agreed and thought that significant parts could be reused.  Rick has discussed with John Aerts and both also thought it would be useful.
Rick- any additional thoughts on ISO 11179 (John Silva presented at April 3rd meeting)?  Gary 11179 makes you name so you can avoid conflict between general and very qualified names.  Not able to use smaller, simpler names.  Rex pointed out that HL7 (healthcare) also uses very long names.  Gary asked what is our name space convention and will we support others?  Rex pointed out that importing name spacing into our base schema is the easiest and he will provide us pointers to the naming areas mentioned.  Rick asked if there were any naming conventions associated with NIMS.  Gary answered that they aren't ready to that yet.
Notifications, Methods and Messaging
Art said that charter had been "discussed" via the EM email and Rex read the current charter that he had.  There was no more discussion so a vote was taken among attendees and there were all were in favor of ratifying. The Notifications, Method and Messaging charter was ratified.  This charter will be posted.
Art - after charter is approved, when will we have the SC mailing lists?
Rex - the SC chairs need to inform Karl (of OASIS), send the charter, let him know about the established SC and ask him to please set up the mailing list.  The mailing list will initially consist of the entire TC roster, so it is up to the chair to restrict the list to the members of the subcommittees.
Gary asked what the structure of the SC work document should be.  Should we use be using the structure of the Dept of Justice dictionary.  Rick will check with Allen and send advice and status to the group.  Art mentioned that the CAP format is good.
Action Items:
Cathy: send email to Eliot re: Advisory Letter to get status
-  Allen/Rick: find out how people can join a subcommittee after it is formally started
-  TC Membership: think about best naming conventions TC can use. 
Rex: provide pointers to naming areas mentioned during naming conventions discussion
Rick:  find out how long it will take to set up the subcommittees within OASIS
Rick: check with Allen to find out about documentation format for SCs to use
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be a full TC meeting and held on Tuesday, April 23rd, 10am PST/1pm EST
Dial in number: 1.800.453.7412            Access Code:  604776

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

EM TC Threat Advisory Letter Draft.doc

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