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emergency message

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Subject: GIS SC draft charter

Here's a proposal for the charter of the new GIS Subcommittee,
drafted among Dave Denko, Bill Schroeder, and me.


Geographic Information Systems Subcommittee (GIS SC)

Scope of Work - Geography and spatial location are an extremely
important part of Emergency Management.  Geographic information
standards are becoming mature and being integrated into general
Information Technology standards. This subcommittee will ensure
the proper use and integration of these geographic standards into
the development of Emergency Management interoperability standards.

Purpose - The purpose of this subcommittee is to ensure existing
geographic information standards are properly used and integrated
into Emergency Management standards. This may include developing
profiles and application schemas of existing geographic information
standards for EM, if and when unique sets of requirements are
identified. The SC will seek to make EM TC participants aware of
the correct use of coordinate reference systems, GIS capabilities,
feature classes, geographic metadata, and other related geospatial

Deliverables -

(1) By June 2003, provide to EM TC participants educational
     materials, as well as identifying specific standards and
     standards work such as the Open GIS Consortium, ISO TC 211
     and the FGDC Framework Themes progressing in ANSI;
(2) By September 2003, provide advice on the GIS aspects of
     the particular EM TC standards work concerning the Common
     Alerting Protocol (CAP);
(3) By December 2003, institute the process to reach a consensus
     position on how best to align symbologies across different
     maps used in an emergency.


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