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emergency message

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Subject: EM TC 4/22/03 Meeting Minutes

Emergency Management TC
April 22 2003 Meeting Minutes
Allen Wyke - Chair
Rick Carlton - Co-chair
Cathy M Subatch - Secretary
Michael C. Wilson - TransState Media
Joyce Kern  - SunGard
Dave Robinson - Wells Fargo
Steve Seigel- RAMSafe
Eliot Christian - DOI
Donald Thomas - Blue 292
Art Botterell - Partnership for Public Warning
Jason Gilliam - Blue292
David Hall - Federal Support Systems
Gary Ham - DHS
Jerry Weltman - Partnership for Public
Rex Brooks - Starbourne
Jay Clark - Ship Analytics
Jerry Weltman - Innovative Emergency Management
Bill Schroeder - ESRI
New Meeting Times
Each of the subcommittees will now hold their own weekly meetings, this Tuesday (4/29).  This week only subcommittees will meet. There is no EM TC meeting this week.  The call in number will be the same for all meetings:
Dial number: 1.800.453.7421
Access Code: 604776
  • EM TC Meeting: Alternate Tues at 10am PDT/1pm EDT (next meeting 5/6)
  • GIS - Tuesdays 9am PDT/12pm EDT
  • Infrastructure Framework - Wed 9am PDT/12pm EDT
  • Notification - Tues 10am PST/1pm EDT when no TC meeting (4/29); 9:30 PDT/12:30pm when TC meets
Meeting Minutes
Allen started the meeting by announcing that he was now back as an employee at Blue 292.
Advisory Note
Advisory Note has been drafted and been posted and reviewed.
- Next step is to get reviewed and "blessed" by Karl Best of OASIS.
- Rick - the Advisory Note has been appropriately validated by the appropriate parties.
- Allen will check with Karl.
- Question: What are next steps?
-  Advisory Note will be mailed (electronically and through the post) to the addressee of the Note.  She is the supervisor of people who create applications using current web servies and is waiting for advice from us per Eliot.
SubCommittee Update
How to create subcommittees within OASIS:
-  Chairs to forward approved charters and lists of members to Karl
-  Karl will set up infrastructure - tools and listserv
-  Chairs to notify members when set up
-  Members will then need to official join the listserv
GIS Charter
- The final draft was published prior to meeting
Eliot would like ESRI folks to review and comment
-  Eliot - Amber Alerts and how do they do the alerts.  Connects well with weather service.   Issues regarding bandwith, memory and processing with the way the weather service does alerts. 
- Art - need further discussion within CAP subgroup
- Vote to ratify GIS charter within next seven days
Art is asking for advice from the GIS for notification.  Need to represent polygon, point and point and radius.
Was brought up that some items will need liaisoned between the SCs.  Possibility is that the SC chairs can liaison to discuss those items.
Was mentioned that EM-XML Executive Committee meeting will be held on April 23rd in Washington DC
Question about liaisons with other standards groups.  This may be specific to subcommittees but TC has special standings.  Allen to figure out best way to handle any liaisons.
Action Items:
  • Allen to run Advisory Note past Karl Best of OASIS
  • Eliot to mail finalized letter
  • Allen/Cathy - Training on new OASIS Tools
  • SC Chairs - set up mailing list process
  • Allen - figure out best way to deal with liaisons with other standards bodies/groups/committees

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

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