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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 6/3 Call

1. EM-XML EC Meeting: good session with the group - updated them on our
status. The presentation I gave is posted to the Resources folder in the
EM TC Member Pages

2. META Group: had a good call with them. One of their analyst in
particular was exceptionally sharp on the Homeland Security market. Will
be following up with her soon.

3. Law Enforcement Technology: had an interview with them last week on
open source software and interoperability standards. They are doing a
piece that provides insight to law enforcement personnel who may not
have needed funds. Probably a followup call. John A. and Art B. - good
chance she will want to speak with you as well, so consider this a heads
up. I will let you know is she asks.

4. EIIP Virtual Forum Chat: I will be hosting an online chat tomorrow on
their site (http://www.emforum.org). Should be a good chance to tell
others about what we are doing, so please join in if you have the time.
I know the DMI-Services guys have hosted these before as well. Good

5. SC Updates: let each of the Chair's update the group on their


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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