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Subject: One-Stop GISArticle and some thoughts

Title: One-Stop GISArticle and some thoughts
Hi Folks,

Hmmmn. I don't quite know what to say about this article, but it highlights a situation we should probably assess better.


My recent survey of both the EM and Health Care standards arena as part of my focus on Human-Centric standards revealed common concerns in this area. I'm a lot less interested in trumpeting the shortcomings than I am in how to best contribute to improving this arena effectively--and saving us taxpayers some money better spent elsewhere, while improving the availability and delivery of information and services.

I am also concerned that we may need to address Section 508 accessibility issues. I think that GIS will get noticed because it is out ahead of the curve in terms of adopting and promoting standards, so if we can help do a better job of correcting the shortcomings effectively, that methodology/approach may carry over to the Health Care arena, or so I hope. We definitely need some better models.

I take the following list/site/facility for granted, as I do several such, but I offer the following url as a resource for keeping track of some interesting efforts in the Accessibility/Collaboration arena of GSA:


Being a member, and because the paper I posted here and elsewhere pertains to this month's workshop, I posted it on this site, too. So please don't think this is self-promotion.

It only occurred to me because I noticed the E-GOV conference announcement

which even caught the keepers of this list somewhat off-guard because it was not highly publicized, and today is the last day of the event.
Rex Brooks
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