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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EM TC 06/17/03 Meeting Minutes

Title: Re: [emergency] EM TC 06/17/03 Meeting Minutes
Hi All,

I believe I actually said fall rather than next year in regard to moving on a formal liaison subcommittee. Or I should have said that. It may indeed end up being next year, for real work, but preparations should start in the fall.

Minor point.


 1:50 PM -0700 6/18/03, CSubatch@eteam.com wrote:
EM Technical Committee Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2003


Attendance is now tracked within OASIS under the Emergency Management TC.

Many thanks to Joyce Kern of SunGard for taking the meeting minutes this week.

Topics Discussed:

Check your attendance in the members areas: check "my groups", click on "emtc", and above group notes, click my "info," - it will tell you each of the events you have attended.  Any issues, let Cathy know, so it can be updated.

Notifications Subcommittee Update
Art - continuing to work on a specification put it in oasis template and get consensus to get it out to tech committee.  Trying to keep close to end of month schedule

Allen - two questions:

1)        external linking of resources
2)        security with Rick's group

Art - security note at bottom on document, tells what we have agreed to.  On linking issue, no one has pursued it at this time.   Need to include binary objects and text.  But how to incorporate them?  It's an open issue.  No one decided to pursue it.  

Infrastructure Subcommittee Update
Rick - we are basically status quo.   Still looking to get out a draft document out for review by end of month.  Same components of research in progress.  

Allen - should we have a liaison subcommittee now?

Rex - maybe next year others are not ready yet

GIS Subcommittee Update
Bill - Comments on data model discussed them with Art.  Now looking for tasking/subjects/questions from other committees, and are more than happy to look at them.  

Other Issues
        Art - the public comment mailing list.  Is that an open list?  
o        Allen - believes anyone can do it.  It is a vehicle to get info into our groups.
o        Art - concern in the case of the CAP project, I also have the old mailing group (from original project).  That is a mailing list.  Art owes them feedback.  Did not want to include them early, but use them for public comment.  
o        Allen - when we send out the minutes, should we include the CAPS list?  Replies would go back to the author
o        Art - trying to prevent everything coming from him
        Allen - for GIS, they were going to look into common icons
o        Bill - still waiting for consolidated report that is due from FEMA.  Rather wait for FEMA/DHS committee
o        Art - is it associated with the Kent State effort?
o        Bill - Looking will try to find it later.  Bill has been working with Scott McCaffey out of FEMA.  Bill will call him.
o        Rex - Carl Reed open GIS program will help liaison activity
        Allen - we should schedule a face to face after the Toronto meeting, and working through the working drafts
o        Art - possibly coordinating with a PPW meeting

Next Meeting

The next meeting is Tuesday, August 1, 10am PDT/1:00pm EDT
Dial in: 1.800.453.7412
Access Code: 604776#

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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