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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 7/1 Call

1. SC Updates with a focus on helping the MSG SC finalize their plans
for CAP, including reference implementations, etc.

2. DMI-Services Tech Session 7/15: mini-f2f
Let's decide today.

3. Cross Standard Definition of Incident Types: a recent thread within
the MSG SC (several messages - starts with
got my gears turning and I wanted to throw something out to the group
and get feedback. In a nutshell, do we think we will use incident types
across several/all of our standards? If so, should we define those
external to any one standard as part of its own data dictionary? That
way each of our standards could use it as they need/see fit. Note that I
do not want to slow or disrupt CAP with this question, so the "right"
answer might be two pronged (short-term vs. long-term). Art had some
good comments/thoughts on why we need to be VERY careful to even
CONSIDER this, so this is not by any means a definite. Art, can you pull
together notes from that email and reply to this message at some point
with your thoughts?

4. Site Summaries: another topic that came up within the MSG SC (see
that has to do with the concept of being able to get the "headers" of
messages rather than the whole thing. Where this benefits implementers
is when there are a large number of messages - you can get the headers
and then decide which ones you want the full message for. This concept -
getSummaryList() - might be a good thing for the IF SC to bat around,
because it could certainly apply to most of our efforts. Any thoughts
from the group?

5. Next Focus: Now that CAP is getting well underway, we need to make
sure we have additional efforts tee-ed up and ready to roll. Looks like
ICS within the MSG SC is a potential leading contender, as is the idea
of sharing incident data (think the Tie schema from the DMI-Services
guys). Please throw out any others that have been on your minds, so that
we can debate. 

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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