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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Site Summaries

Sounds very much like RSS.  We did something like that for one of the 
CAP demo applications in California, albeit not using RSS per se, and 
I've heard of some other applications using a similar approach.

- Art

At 4:34 PM -0400 7/14/03, Allen Wyke wrote:
>Here is another item mentioned in the agenda of the 7/1 call
>another topic that came up within the MSG SC (see minutes
>that has to do with the concept of being able to get the "headers" of
>messages rather than the whole thing. Where this benefits implementers
>is when there are a large number of messages - you can get the headers
>and then decide which ones you want the full message for. This concept -
>getSummaryList() - might be a good thing for the IF SC to bat around,
>because it could certainly apply to most of our efforts. Any thoughts
>from the group?
>R. Allen Wyke
>Chair, Emergency Management TC
>You may leave a Technical Committee at any time by visiting 

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