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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] Emergency Notification Service (ENS)

Sounds good.

TC/SC: any of you happen to have contacts that we might be able to tap
to start a dialog?


On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 12:21, Art Botterell wrote:
> NCS is a fairly specialized outfit, until recently housed within DoD 
> and lately transferred (at least on paper) to DHS.  Its core activity 
> is running what amounts to an EOC (called the NCC) for the 
> telecommunications industry.  It also coordinates several programs 
> for providing officials priority access to telecom facilities during 
> emergencies.  NCS's traditional focus has been on voice; they say 
> relatively little about any activities in the data world.
> ENS is a sort of a souped-up "reverse-911" system for mobilizing a 
> select list of key personnel, via their phones, cellphones, pagers 
> and emails.  ACN is a private network that links the NCS Network 
> Coordination Center with the telecommunications carrier operating 
> centers.
> NCS maintains close working relationships with the telecom industry, 
> and, as typical with government agencies, most of their technology 
> discovery comes by way of their contractors and, in this case, their 
> industry contacts.
> So maybe it would be appropriate for the EC to approach NCS and see 
> if they can get an informational meeting.  I do have an occasional 
> contact there, but if we had an entre by way of an NCS member like 
> WorldCom, that might be more effective.
> - Art
> At 10:23 AM -0400 7/27/03, Eliot Christian wrote:
> >At 09:50 AM 7/27/2003 -0400, Allen Wyke wrote:
> >>On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 09:36, Eliot Christian wrote:
> >>
> >>>  My guess is that the folks to contact would be at the NCS "Alerting and
> >>  > Coordination Network" < http://www.ncs.gov/acn/about.htm
> >>
> >>So, these are the same groups? Or rather the placeholder site is
> >>probably a result of their efforts?
> >
> >My surmise is from the same "ncs.gov" domain of both and that
> >both have the same area code and exchange in their contact
> >phone numbers.
R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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