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emergency message

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Subject: California EDIS as a CAP message source

Friends -

Just for experimental purposes, I've updated a CAP feed based on the 
California EDIS ("Emergency Digital Information Service") to the 
0.9a1 schema:


(EDIS is an automated summary of weather, seismic, AMBER and other 
local alerts and notices operated by the California Office of 
Emergency Services.)

Note that this is a translation from the EDIS native (ANPA 1312, aka 
"news wire") format to CAP... and since the ANPA format is itself 
pretty constrained, the secondary transform to CAP is somewhat 
brute-force and occasionally a little awkward.  Still, it's a source, 
and it does consistently use the <polygon> construct, which might be 
useful for some folk's tests.

By way of an example I'm attaching a screenshot from an early CAP 
demo application... from back in the v0.6 days... depicting EDIS 
activity on the afternoon of a fairly active weather day.  The large 
rough polygons on the map outline the targeted EDIS regions... 
subregions of the state's mutual aid regions... while the smaller 
ones are more precise shapes extracted from NWS warning messages.

- Art

PS - Right now there's an "index.txt" file in the "cap_0.9" directory 
that lists the current messages... and the filenames are in 
chronological order... all for the convenience of polling clients. 
I'd like to implement some better indexing scheme... RSS or something 
like it... listing the filename (whatever it might be), the headline, 
the sender, the sent date/time and optionally the expiration 
date/time... and maybe the message status (Actual / Test / etc.). 
And maybe even an indicator of the XML message type, just for 
flexibility.  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this, I'd 
be most interested. - ACB


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