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emergency message

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Subject: Participation in Global Homeland Security Conference - Great News!

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Some wonderful news for the EM-XML Consortium.  Mark Zimmerman and the Disaster Management Program have generously offered to pick up the $10,000 fee for the reservation of the Pavillion at the EJ Krause Global Homeland Security Conference late September.  As we have stated before, participation is open to any member that would like to be part of a CAP interoperability demonstration.  (see below for details on the conference.)
If you are interested in participating, please email me at csubatch@eteam.com and plan to be on a conference call to discuss a test scenario which still needs to be defined.

Thursday, August 21st at noon PDT/3:00pm EDT
Dial in number: 1.800.453.7412
Access Code: 604776
If you cannot make this call but have specific issues you wish to have discussed, please contact me beforehand.
Much thanks to Mark and the Disaster Management Program!
Thank you.
Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

As was discussed at Thursday's EM-XML ExecutiveCommittee meeting, the EM-XML Consortium has been invited to participate in the Global Homeland Security Weapons of Mass DestructionConference being held September 24-26 in Washington D.C. The goal for attending this conference is to show validation of the CAP standard and to build awareness and momentum around the efforts of the EM-XML Consortium to develop interoperability standards for the emergency management industry. We would accomplish this through a CAP interoperability demonstration by the EM-XML Consortium members who are supporting the CAP standard.

It is recommended that we reserve a 20x20 Pavilion.The EM-XML Pavilion will include a table for the EM-XML Consortium to promote membership and understanding for the Consortium efforts, as well as individual tables or kiosks for eachparticipating company. Each company will be able to promote  their own solutions based on the CAP standard and show interoperability by passing CAP alerts between the participating companies and other devices.

The  cost of the 20x20 Pavilion is $10,000. Asdiscussed in the meeting, the easiestway to apportion this cost would bedivided equally among participatingcompanies.  This cost has generously been picked up by the Disaster Management Program thanks to Mark Zimmerman.

In addition, the EM-XML Consortium Chair has been invited to participate in a workshop during the conference session to discuss the issue of interoperability.This will be a high level discussion among CIOsfrom the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation,Department of Defense, Department ofHealth and Human Services and others as appropriate.

Belowis additional information regarding theconference. You can also visit the following Web site:



TheGlobal Homeland Security Conference will examinethe threat of nuclear andbio-chemical weapons of mass destruction to homelandsecurity. Top-level expertsand officials in the homeland security arena willdebate what technologies andmethodologies are working and which are not whenit comes to protecting thenation. This conference will provide stimulus forthe creative, innovative, andresourceful thinking and planning we mustundertake to save millions of livesand to avoid economic upheaval.

Speakersinclude: Congressman Kurt Weldon; IlanMizrahi, former Deputy Director of theIsraeli Intelligence Agency (MOSSAD);John Bolton, Under Secretary for ArmsControl and International Security,Department of State; Winston Riley,Assistant Director, CIA Homeland Security;Ambassador Sergei Batsanov, DirectorCounter Terrorism, Organization for thePrevention of Chemical Weapons; RiazKhokhar, Foreign Affairs Secretary,Government of Pakistan (tentative); Peter LaPorte, Director, District ofColumbia Emergency Medical Office; Charles Ramsey,Chief of Police, Washington,D.C.

Sponsorsinclude Homeland Security IndustryAssociation, Hudson Institute and Boeing.Exhibitors include Bechtel, Antion,ASD Biosystems, QuickSilver Analytics,Hazmat-shower, Sensor Technologies,Lockheed Martin, Xybernaut, Alexeter, andHomeland Security IndustryAssociation.

Theconference sessions will be filmed by theDepartment of Justice and transmittedover the Justice Television Network. Itwill be rebroadcast to state and federalagencies across the country.

Over700 attendees are expected: 300+ for theexhibition, 400+ for the conference.There will be approximately 20-25exhibitors. Attendees include government(local, state, federal) and industry.

Thisis the third Global Homeland Security Conferencebeing held. The previous showswere held in February 2002 and November of 2002.Following the Septemberconference, it will be held annually.

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

--- End Message ---

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