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emergency message

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Subject: EM TC 08-12-03 Meeting Minutes

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EM TC 08-12-03 Meeting Minutes


Attendees are tracked on the OASIS website.

Meeting Minutes

Press Release

Press release went out announcing draft of CAP standard. Is already generating interest. Have been some interviews. Any articles will be posted to the EM TC OASIS website.

Infrastructure Subcommittee Update – Rick Carlton

  • Creating white paper describing purpose, goals and process to date
  • Been reviewed by Allen and SC. Needs one more review before releasing to TC
  • Expectation: respond to questions raised during face-to-face meeting
  • What group is doing
  • Not final draft of recommendation
  • Education committee on how SC evolved in their thinking

GIS Subcommittee Update – Rex Brooks

Eliot unavailable for update. He has asked to take over leadership of the group. Carl Reed has showed interest. Allen will work with SC to get new chair.

Notifications, Messaging, and Methods Update – Art Botterell

  • CAP spec will be forwarded to full TC.
  • Document Object model for ICS 201 sent out to SC today. Will be discussing next week.
  • CAP – Gary rendered CAP message into relational database. Normalize into 22 tables.
  • Rick has sent CAP Test Plan to group. Is very clean and simple plan.
  • Need to keep it simple – make sure we are speaking in a unified voice
  • Do test in parallel as TC reviews CAP specification
  • Must do reference implementations for OASIS
  • Vote to ratify CAP specification version 0.9A1 as official version
  • Vote taken, majority YES
  • Used the specification and are happy with specification. Three reference sites: currently PPW, DMI-S and Blue292.
  • CAP 1.0 subcommittee specification will be 0.9A1
  • Post to committee level
  • Make sure entire TC membership is aware
  • Tests – lay framework for bigger testing
  • Be part of implementer’s guide. SC should be responsible to create.
  • Next week test on what is in test plan. Use as own internal feedback
  • Agree as group on way gleaming information from test
  • Set time to test at next meeting
  • Share informal test information
  • Testing:
  • Message in email format or FTE format
  • Ability to import
  • Rick: CAP notification across all devices. Need to define what is successful
  • Art: way to discover issues by describing many sources of CAP data and start mixing and matching many of possible
  • What information can be exposed as CAP messages
  • Art: is there some sort of process for testing and tracking comments
  • Allen – work on implementations. Figure out way to handle comments
  • Rex – public review won’t start until tracking mechanism in place?
  • Test plan under development. Date test plan
  • Art – set starting date immediately. Five business days for OASIS review. Test plan under development. Date of test window open
  • Rick: need test framework for results (Pass/Fail)
  • Define result continuum and publish agree
  • Art – need to set up objectives. Ability to input and output valid XML according to schema
  • Rick – define series validates for success criteria
  • System 1 send CAP message to System 2
  • Creates lessons learned process

Action Items

  • Figure out feedback process – Art/Allen/Rick
  • Figure out when testing can be done and all interested parties – Cathy to post on OASIS (email has been sent instead)

Next Meeting

Tuesday, August 26th 2003, 10:30am PDT/1:00pm EDT

Dial in number: 1.800.453.7412

Access code: 604776

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)
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