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emergency message

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Subject: Mobile Asset Tracking...

Hello all,

My name is J.D. Main.  I am the Engineering Manager for 
CompassCom.  I have been a quiet member for a few weeks reading 
the many emails sent back and forth concerning the CAP standard.  
I'm sorry that I haven't had much to input on that one.

However, I have an interest in a Mobile Asset Tracking standard.  I 
haven't seen much discussion on this issue other than the August 7th 
Meeting Minutes.

I am asking for some advice on how to get the ball rolling with this 
issue.  CompassCom has been using an XML standard for a few years 
that includes positions, status, emergency incidents, 2-way text 
messaging, and system level messages.  I would love the opportunity 
to share this with the group and see what everyone thinks.  
CompassCom fully intends to utilize the XML standards that come out 
of these Technical Commitees in our future releases.

Are there any objections?  If not, what's the best way to start?

Best Regards,

J.D. Main

CompassCom, Inc.
6770 S. Dawson Circle, Unit 1A
Centennial, CO 80112
PH:  303-680-3221
Fax:  303-766-2488

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