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Subject: Agenda: 9/9 Call

Over the last 7 months this group has truly accomplished some amazing things. At the same time, we all have survived (mostly :) the process of learning to work together and within the rules/guidelines of OASIS. That being said, I personally have recently tried to really take a deep look into how I can help the group more and make sure things stay on track.

That being said, one of the things that I hope to improve over the next month or so is the tracking of Action Items. This will not only help keep our meetings more focused, but it will also help each person tasked with an item know and understand their objectives.

A second thing I hope to improve is our outward facing image. No, not talking about putting makeup on the group, but rather making sure the TC and SC Websites are consistent, overlap appropriately, and have up-to-date information.

Finally, I intend to be better on managing the roster. As I mentioned in a recent email to the list (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200309/msg00005.html), OASIS is still working through some issues with Kavi that make using the system less than perfect. But for the most part, things work great, so I can't complain too much. What this means in terms of membership, however, is that we will be keeping a closer eye on attendance. We want to make sure things are fair for the people who are attending.

1. GIS SC: No current action items, but some good conversations going on regarding symbology. What are next steps, how can the TC help staff those efforts, and what is the expected outcome?

2. IF SC: current action item here is the document you guys have been working on - ETA on when it will hit the streets. A second area to look into, which I would like to formally propose to the whole TC as a topic, is "transport." We are facing this with the CAP tests now, and it is something that will span multiple efforts on our part. If we do pursue, we need to decide "how" we want to do this (ie: normative part of each spec, non-normative part of specs as in accompanying note, or its on spec), what the requirements are (assume the current doc helps here), and next steps.

3. MSG SC: only action item right now is an update on the tests and where we stand with those. Need to drive CAP to a point that OASIS can formally announce it as entering their public review process as our next step, so having an understanding when that will happen would be beneficial.

See you all at 1:00pm EDT - Allen

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