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emergency message

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Title: Message
EM Infrastructure Framework Sub-committee (EMIF - SC) – Request for Infrastructure Comment  

Scope of Work

Within the EM community there exists a lack of definition regarding the validation, selection and deployment of infrastructure-based facilities supporting persistent interoperability across a broad range of applications. For instance, what components and/or transport protocols support interoperability today, and are they valid in the context of a national emergency management system?

With that in mind the EMIF – SC requests formal comments and suggestions from EM-TC members, and specifically from its allied SC’s, in order to evolve baseline recommendations, leading to a formal set of technological requirements, for EM systems development and deployment.   




The sub-committee requests recommendations in order to establish consensus regarding a strategic systemic framework, capable of producing connectivity between EM systems regardless of operational focus.


Examples of areas for recommendation include, but will not be limited to;


·        Interface Management

·        Data Transport Protocols

·        Telecommunications Protocols

·        Geo-spatial Protocols

·        Alert Notification and Messaging Protocols




Recommendations are solicited on a “time is of the essence” basis. Responses should be directed to the committee chair at rcarlton@consultrac.com



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