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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-comment] PPW letter re CAP

[I've shifted this thread from the public comment list to the 
internal TC list.]

Rex -

Industry won't care what excuses we offer for not addressing their 
needs... they just need to decide, very shortly, whether to embrace 
CAP or go their own way.

Anyway, I have difficulty with the idea that a lack of representation 
has somehow made us unable to address this.  In fact, there was and 
is representation: PPW, among others.  We've also received input on 
this issue in public comments.  And ultimately we can address 
whatever we choose to address.

And the media standards and technologies involved are no more 
uncertain than in any other area.  In fact, because of the 
stabilizing force of the gigantic capital investments involved, I'd 
say that DTV in particular is actually one of the least uncertain 
environments in all of advanced digital technology.

And those colossal investments, which are being programmed right now, 
are also why we're not likely to get a second chance to be responsive 
if we blow it this time.

- Art

>Thanks Art,
>This is very informative and useful. If I might suggest a way of 
>addressing the specific issue of full-spectrum media specification, 
>I think we should make it clear, perhaps with a disclaimer in the 
>spec or an open letter invitation aimed at broadcast television 
>media representatives to the effect that due to a lack of 
>representation of these interests combined with uncertainty about 
>both near-future technological development and existing and/or 
>planned technical standards directly related to these media, we were 
>unable to include such media in this initial, admittedly partial CAP 
>specification. This assumes that we all agree that the goal of 
>including these media is unanimously supported if we can determine 
>that it is both appropriate within OASIS and does not conflict with 
>other efforts.
>Just tryin to be helpful.
>At 10:46 AM -0700 10/8/03, Art Botterell wrote:
>>The attached is a letter from Craig Fugate, Chairman of the Board 
>>of Trustees of the Partnership for Public Warning.
>>Attachment converted: Enterprise:PPW_Letter.PDF (PDF /CARO) (0029B681)
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>Rex Brooks
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