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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Public as responders (was RE: [emergency]...PPW l etter re CAP)

Right.  This thread confuses me because it seems to indicate 
that civilian responders might be providing information directly 
to the public broadcast media and while that can happen, it is 
not typically part of emergency response asset management although, 
as in the case of citizens band and other weather disaster monitoring, 
it can be part of the warning and tracking reporting to the news 
outlets.  I'd be somewhat wary of an official sounding alert message 
that goes directly from the public to the public through the broadcast 
media.  That isn't what is being suggested is it?


From: Poindexter, Gary W (BearingPoint)

Identifying assets and their
attributes is essential. Identifying a path or multiple paths to/from an
asset is essential. How an asset is used in an emergency situation is not a
standards issue.

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