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emergency message

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Subject: Broadcast, TV, PPW, etc.

I had a chat with Karl earlier this morning to seek some guidance as to
how best proceed with the recent flood of emails regarding this issue.
One of the great things about Karl is that he can help you bring clarity
to an issue, and then follow with how those items are handled within an
OASIS standards process.

To that end, while the media/broadcast/TV scenario is clearly something
we want to address in our efforts, the fact is that we agreed as a group
at the 7/15 f2f (see attached minutes - its around page 6) to not
proceed with inline binaries. Coupled with the fact that we have also
ratified the current spec, we now need to focus our attention on what is
in CAP today - not what is not in it.

That being said, clearly their is interest surrounding
media/broadcast/TV that seems to touch on 1) how to use CAP 1.0 in a
one-way scenario, 2) royalty/fee/IP ramifications, 3)
bandwidth/infrastructure details, and 4) transport and I am sure other
points. Based on this, I propose we either a) consider creating a
Subcommittee or we b) extend the deliverables of the MSG or IF SC to
focus on these items and how they apply to all of our efforts.
Additionally, it is important that we attempt to bring more expertise
from these parties into the group to help with those discussions.

At this point we need to focus our efforts on completing the current CAP
spec, which means completing the outstanding tasks associated with it
(review of comments, incorporation of any edits, submission to OASIS as
CS, creation of compliance test, and implementor's guide) and channeling
any ideas, thoughts, and comments about media/broadcast/TV into a
separate effort.

I realize this has been a very emotional thread, and I ask that we all,
including myself, rise above this and focus on what we have agreed to.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC


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